The Top Reasons Why Investment in Africa is Important

There’s something we should know about Africa, one of the most resourceful continents of the world that has grown over the last few years. With a youthful population being present, debt levels lowering and trade funds improved, Africa is definitely a great place to visit and live in. Furthermore, there are those who believe that Africa is the second best place to reside, second to the United States. Many experts have also concluded that Africa is ranking number one according to economic growth, and should be acknowledged as a mainstream investment option.

Africa: A place to invest in…

Below are some very strong reasons why investing in Africa is and CAN be important:

-Expansion of the Economy: One of the basic reasons any investor would want to invest in a country or state is because of its economic performance. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Africa is number 7 out of the 10 best economies across the globe.

-Low Correlation amongst the Markets: Africa isn’t correlated with the strong markets amongst the rest of the world. In fact, the correlation is around 0.27. Second, according to recent research, the stocks here in the U.S. are dependent on domestic factors.

-Low Debt Levels: Africa has low debt levels as compared to several other strong economies around the globe.

-A Growing Workforce: Today, Africa is surrounded by a vibrant youth population and middle-class workforce. Experts believe that the African workforce is equivalent to that of India. Secondly, as consumers continue to spend money on different products and services, the continent will continue to bring in more and more investors.

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