Workplace Distractions and Their Elimination Strategies

     At the workplace employees and customers can be distracted for various reasons. Indeed, with a customer setting, there are several disturbances for instance, chatty co-workers or gossipers are the first forms of distraction. These are the colleagues who leave their work section and move to their fellow employee’s station to chat. Phone usage, especially calls and messages, is another form of diversion during work. Furthermore, customers could be a source of distraction especially when they make noise, this interrupting the office silence. Social media browsing can also make service providers or customers get distracted.

There are many strategies to solve workplace distractions and below are the three of them. Setting social time aside may help prevent employees from making social contacts during work time. Social time could be included in the breaks, especially lunch breaks, where employers might be adding more time after meals for socializing. Another way to eliminate interruption is to put work first by focusing on a goal. Employers may set a target for every worker by having them leave their phones in their lockers. Customers might also avid using their phones when shopping or having service providers attend to them. Lastly, to prevent meetings and diversions, the management could allocate them in less busy hours of the workday.

Social Media is good…but it CAN be a distraction.

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