How Racism is Affecting Globalization

The two issues, globalization and racism, go hand in hand and are intertwined in several ways. While globalization advancement is greatly hindered by racism and the fight against it can also take effect if it is battled to make globalization work. The world’s economy is determined by what happens in each and every country, and the situation of having policies which are friendly to some group of individuals while it favors others can harm the pace of globalization and development. Therefore, culture, technology, politics and economy should be made to benefit individuals from every sector and affiliations regardless of the color of one’s skin.

Globalization at a Glance.

The policies which are stipulated by the political fronts need to encourage investments but at the same time conform to the standards and regulations that govern the investing body. This step will go a long way to minimize racism and some discriminative acts. Tackling racism is highly recommended so that the global problems can be handled by applying solutions. Racism details globalization by standing in the way of economic liberation, technological advancement and self governance. It is believed that globalization is the only way out of the financial crisis that has gripped the world.

At many instances, globalization started the division of social relations under which racism came into play, for instance, widening the gap between white and African-American workers. But it has never been proven that race relations can never exist alongside globalization.; There could be close relationships, but NOT directly. The latest trend taken by racism is not related to how it was in the past, but now closely linked to the modern developments of capitalism and the extensive political and cultural revolution.

Another notable example of the relationship between racism and globalization is the privatization of social services, education and health care and such commodities like water for example. These are basic resources that call for the compulsory satisfaction that the people need. But this is not the case; many people only enjoy this privilege in their dreams. Such a state is applicable in the global world but is not practical at all. It is the minority and marginalized who suffer the most.

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