Is it Ok for Christians to Listen to Secular Music?

     With all the different music choices we have before us how do we determine what is beneficial to our faith and what may taint our minds and thoughts? Is there any music in the world that is totally off limits? Should we only listen to gospel music, that is labeled Christian? This is a question that is asked so is agonizing on what should be heard can be encouraged?

     Music itself is amoral–Neither good or bad. There is no “evil” musical instruments or “morally good” styles of music. What differentiates the beneficial from the not so beneficial comes down to the lyrics. Music affects each of using a way like specific songs can affect people in different ways. While certain songs may not affect one person they can affect another.

A church choir performing at a gospel concert.

     We can find songs that are appropriate for Christians to hear and relate to just as easily as we can find songs that are not healthy for our faith. The Bible is clear that some things are definite sin, such as lying, cheating, adultery and committing crimes. Listening to a song dealing with a one night stand is going to affect our spiritual health differently than a song with a hopeful, pure message about two people who are in love who long for marriage. Other topics are not as clear, such as dating, careers, technology and pop culture.

The most famous verse in the Holy Bible.

As a person evaluates the music they listen to, they should also do an evaluation of their heart; it is a person’s desire to listen to certain songs motivated by a desire to do all things to the glory of God, or is a person listening to it because of selfish desires? Why is anyone drawn to any given song? How has it affected one’s faith, actions, words or relationships with others? As a Christian a person is not limited to “Christian” music or songs that are sung in church. There is nothing wrong with enjoying different types of music. A person may chose what is best for their heart and their relationship with God.

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