Can Money Make Relationships Stronger or End Them?

     It’s no secret that people who are committed in relationships tend to perform well. But if a person is actually dating it’s normal to be curious of the other person’s financial situation, regardless of where you’re at in the dating process. It has been suggested that daters who get better with their money will naturally attract better dating prospects because it is still one of the primary attractors in our society. In fact, the likelihood of a single saving wealth is important in a match nearly doubled during the pandemic. Because of this, financial security was low for many years as unemployment rates skyrocketed in the early months of COVID-19.

For The Love of Money.

     There is no one key to success in any relationship, but common themes among strong relationships are shared values and common goals. And when the subject of personal finance arrives, it’s best to begin the revelation of goals and values. Because everyone is raised differently and come from varying socioeconomic backgrounds, how we think about and understand money can vary from person to person. So regardless of what a person’s upbringing is, it’s important to have a conversation.

A Close Relationship with Cash.

Before having a conversation about money here are a few do’s and don’t’s:

-Take time to understand each other

-Be clear about who pays for what

-Don’t impose on someone else’s money

– If considering marriage get more advice

Talking about money is difficult, especially while dating or in a relationship. In a Wells- Fargo survey, it shows that people talk more about politics and religion instead of personal finance. Whether it’s casually talking about the next up and coming cryptocurrency coin on a date, or discussing investment goals with a soon-to-be spouse, an open and honest conversation can do wonders for your current or future relationship.

Love Conquers all, even Money.

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