Can People be Financially Jealous? A Psychological Viewpoint

     When success come to people, it brings a certain feel of good hope and happiness to them that they have never experienced before and sometimes that can be good. But then again it can be somewhat of a problem that would create a situation that could be taken out of proportion if seen the wrong way. When becoming successful or just hitting it big comes it arrives either by luck or at least expected and not only does a person change (or maybe not), but their whole attitude and idealism on how they view their new status change. But what if a person becomes financially jealous, meaning that they didn’t receive the luck or the good fortune that the other person did, whether it’s a friend or family member and the offended received a bitter and jealous taste in their mouth?

     The question that should be asked is how do a person deal with financial jealousy and get over it. First, practice gratitude. When one is constantly comparing his or life against others, a person can forget how fortunate that they are. Practicing gratitude rewires the brain to look for the positive, rather than focus on the negative. The second is staying off social media as much as possible. If a person finds themselves getting jealous or resentful of their friends, or feeing inadequate, get off social media. Take some time off from it for like a day or a week. Not only will a person feel less jealous of their friends or family but they will probably notice an improvement in their mental health. Third, having a conversation with someone will also ease the mental burden and won’t have to feel alone when discussing financial problems.

     So in conclusion it’s not a good idea to feel jealous when it comes to financial situations because when one person who is monetarily stable has it all they could lose it all anything and the person who’s showing all the envy won’t have nobody but a partner that’s just been placed in the same boat. So it’s best to just work hard equally and do whatever can be done to have at least the same amount of money without one person one upping the other.

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