My Love for Reading and its Benefits

I’m a reader…A very BIG reader of all sorts of things, whether it’s mystery, romance, historical events, sports or anything that the topic may cover, I always find a way to get my hands on something that will intrigue me or help me get through a day, noon or night without having to be bored. I’m not the one to brag that I have read a LOT of books (which I have over the years) and be so proud of, but that’s all right because to me books are like movies, no matter what your’e reading if there are no pictures in them but there is this thing called an imagination that we all use to just get a picture of what’s going on and taking it there

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The benefits of reading is gaining a full knowledge of what a person wants to know and how to go about knowing it but there is more to it. There are various advantages of reading words when there are put together for a reason It: strengthens the brain, Increases empathy, Builds the vocabulary, Prevents cognitive decline, Reduces stress, Aids sleep, Alleviates depression and lengthens the life span. These reasons are all the reason why reading is so fundamental and helpful in our daily lives. What should a person read one asks? The short answer is the BEST answer: anything a person can get there hands on. It’s always best to devote time daily to a blog or a niche topic. If your’e looking for an escape, fantasy, or historical fiction, then a book dealing with any of these topics is the perfect thing for someone who wants to travel to another world, in a literary sense that is.

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There are studies that show repeatedly that people who read printed books score higher on comprehension tests and remember more than what they already know when learning something compared to those who used computers and e-books. That may be because people tend to read print more lowly than they read digital content. The main takeaway from reading is that reading is really good and supplemental. It shows that reading educates people more, gives ideas on what has to be learned or what can be gained by understanding what a person wants to know and how they can benefit from it.

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