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The Beginning of The Wright History:

Good Afternoon my name is Mr. Antoine Wright and this is the start of a new blog called The Wright History. I just want to discuss the thoughts and ideas and views of my opinion on the role that history plays in my and our everyday lives and what effects it has on us personally, professionally, economically and so for. We can all agree (or disagree) that history played and still plays an important part of our lives no matter what goes through our everyday roles, through the history of our beloved U.S. and all the events that occurred. I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions on what all the information has showed myself and will be able to explain what it all means, in other words consider this as a sort of “historical psychoanalysis” meaning that the events that occurred over the years have done something to shape the mental psyche of myself or anyone else who feels a certain way on why the events occurred.

Everyday, or every other day I will be doing various research on historical events, people, situations and so for to examine the thoughts and ideas of the times and the effects it may have had on them and what it had (or has) right now in this present time. The ideas and thoughts that I give I assure this audience will not be long-winded and not only to the point but instead very satisfying and explanatory when giving an analysis. I hope the beginning of this blog that I am starting for the very first time will be eye-opening and educational, who knows, maybe some spirituality or political (yes, there will be some political thought involved in this blog) and cross debate will be involved, as long as we all agree to disagree and any opposing viewpoint is respected and thought out thoroughly. I definitely welcome a written, analytical, and idealist conversation about the events of the past and the various effects that I explained above have on people, including myself and how it can shape the roles that we play in our world today and the near future. So I thank the audience of readers who will learn from this experience that I will learn myself as I explain my thoughts and views as I start my new journey into the blog writing of how the events of the past shaped the psychological, personal, economic views of how I look at things in a perspective that I have never seen before so please be so kind to join me on the ride of a lifetime as I tell it like it is from how I see it and how it can assist in not only in my mind, but the mind of the curious and interested.

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